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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

OVERRATED in Dallas Texas

I've been in Dallas for less than a year and haven't taken the time to cook at home very often.

We spend a substantial amount of time dining out.  Often.  Very often.

Last Saturday night we dined with friends at the Ritz Carleton at FEARINGS before heading over to listen to Mr. Tim McGraw and Ms. Faith Hill pretend to play their guitars and sing some songs.  

Mr. Dean Fearing stopped by the table to check in.  Nice guy with charm.

The food (and service) was less than stellar.  Those two little chunks of buffalo I was served were not anywhere near worth the price tag.  I have been eating buffalo since I was 12 years old.  Where do they train these cooks?  

Along with Ocean Prime and Water Grille it deserves to be mentioned to save you some of your hard earned money.  

It will be a long time before we go back.

Friday night we had a disaster at Coal Vines around the corner as well.  You would have to pay me to enter again.   The white pizza was uneatable and how about being able to just order a single glass of wine?  Are you kidding me?     No wonder why we questioned there were so many empty tables on a Friday night in Uptown Dallas!  At 63 and having lived on both coasts and raising sons I like to think I know an edible pizza from a non-edible.

Coal Vines. Never again.  Yuck.     

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