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Thursday, February 16, 2017

President Trump LISTEN UP!

My advice to President Trump:

Bring the heads of the NSA, CIA, FBI, and other Intelligence agencies into the Oval office.

Advise them they have one week to ID the person(s) responsible leaking some of our nation's most sensitive signal intelligence, and to prepare a package of evidence (polygraph/interview/confession/tech logs/electronic breadcrumbs/userID logins/USB use/etc) for the Dept of Justice for a criminal prosecution. 

There is a "Need to Know" requirement for granting access to every single piece of intel like the kind leaked in this instance, so the list of people with access to it will be easy to generate. 

If, at the end of one week, the leakers have not been identified, President Trump should fire the heads of each agency responsible for the generation, review, and dissemination of the leaked intel.  

The stakes are simply too high to treat this as just another "leak of classified information" that became so routine under the Clinton & Obama administrations.  The "Ends Justify the Means", scorched earth mentality that allows anyone with a security clearance to expose our techniques, knowledge, and intelligence to the world, must be dealt with in swift and harsh terms.

If that means dismissing the head of each agency with access to the intel to send a message this sort of thing will not be tolerated, so be it.  

The leaked information not only alerted the world about what phone lines were being listened to and who was being monitored, it also informed them the U.S. Intel community had previously designated those foreign individuals as being intelligence agents. The fallout from the leaks cannot be calculated.

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