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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Congressional Ethics

Is this not one of the greatest oxymorons in government?  Almost like AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE!

The Congressional gutter rats and shit weasles once again protecting their positions of thievery with their pull-the-wool over the public's head vote on a national holiday?  GMAFB.........

These slime balls coming to work on a National Holiday are truly amazing.  You know, as does Trump,  that when government "workers" show up on a National Holiday to do "work" that things are slimy as hell.

As long as these assholes exempt themselves from insider trading restrictions any congressional ethics reform is another joke on Americans.  As a matter of fact, until I see a Congress Critter in handcuffs or a Senator for that matter, I will rightly assume that any and all ethics enforcement is broken.

In a perfect world I probably wouldn't be happy until I see "FREE HILLARY CLINTON" bumper stickers in Hollywood or suburban Maryland or Virginia!

UPDATE:  It appears Trump tweeted a retort to the GOP and the amendment has been voided.  Who could have ever imagined that a group of untrustworthy, self-serving sociopaths taking action to remove oversight on their plundering would have been so poorly received?

Maybe, just maybe, some common sense will prevail in government in 2017!  

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