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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Today December 20 & Christmas

It's been 23,010 days counting leap days and 821 full moons.  For all the high tech gadgetry, for all the advances in medicine and big pharma, for all the digitization of life in America, unfortunately, there is still no cure for the common birthday.

But hey, who cares?   Today's my birthday!   

The date was December 20th in Morris, MN.   There was a full moon that night.     

Thank you to Mom who made it happen.  Mom had open heart surgery when she was 4 and was told not to have children.  Then I came along!  I like to say birthdays should be celebrations for Mothers and what they went through!  Birthdays should require presents to Moms!  If you have a Mom treat her like a queen on her birthday! 

These days I feel good, I feel healthy.  Less is more and still difficult to push the plate away. My kindergarten teacher would be proud if she could see how well I nap.  It felt good hunting in the hills this fall, just not as hard and fast as the old days.  I say the biggest component of anyone's net worth is their health.  Health maintenance is my responsibility.  I own that.  

I know I'm getting older because when I pull comfortable friendly garb out of my closet my wife often uses terms like, VINTAGE, RETRO or "SO 80's".  

And at this stage my bucket list is getting smaller and my fuck it list is getting longer. 

It's been a hell of a run.  Doing it my way with hard work when meeting opportunity paid off. With some luck I always had enough and then some.       

I learned long ago I chose great parents and thank God every day  for two healthy sons and being married to the smartest person in the room.   Usually any room.  And I never question her judgement, just look who she married!  

The older I get the more I have to be thankful for.  I know the good old days are here and now.  I am blessed and the cool thing is I still believe the best is yet to come.   

Remember, the importance of birthdays is not how many you have had but how well you celebrated so this holiday season, cheers and bottoms up to all my friends, I'll raise a toast to you, maybe several, if the beverage is aged and smooth!  

From our home to yours, sending thoughts and prayers for a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for an even better 2017.

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