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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Jawga on a rainy day...............

On a rainy day in Georgia I wonder how many heads will roll down at the world headquarters of Don't  Ever Leave The Airport, DELTA?    What a crock of misinformation that bunch touts!   Almost as bad as every aspect of economic data from our own government offices.   Believe at your own financial peril.

Recently on a trip across America via our nations Interstate systems I was amazed at how many professional truckers are texting and driving.    It is only getting worse.

Why won't Trump give up on the "thumbs up"?  

The quagmire of debt that will be inherited from Obama for the next President is unfathomable.

Our lame worthless Congress and Senators sit idly by as more American boots hit the ground in the Middle East.   It must be time for campaign contributions to roll in for re-election.  Put the MIC to work and look what coffers get filled up.   Wars are about money boys and girls, don't ever forget it.

I said months ago that spraying for ZIKA infected mosquitoes in Florida will do zero good.   It appears to have done a few things, namely shutting down all of the outdoor eateries in the spray zone!

Thank our United States Air Force for keeping our nuclear capability at the ready, 24/7/365.   Can't imagine a more motivated bunch deterring harm to this great nation.   #forevergrateful

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