Friday, June 24, 2016

Congratulations to the Brits!

Government has nothing of its own. It produces nothing. Everything that it has it must take from its victims by force. A pipeline of fear stands readily available to them with excuses to justify their theft. Fear is the currency used in the exchange of liberty for power.
Thankfully, we have just witnessed an historic moment. British citizens have voted to leave the European Union!
A gigantic lesson can be learned from this event. It proves that fear-mongering has its limits. It's not fool-proof. 
The propaganda used to get British citizens to stay in the European Union was astounding. It was around-the-clock and relentless. Even here in America, politicians and their subservient media were walking lockstep with each other in telling us why Britain should stick with the political elite's plan for the massive centralization of power.
I want to extend my sincere congratulations for the brave Brits!

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