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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

ISIS, Obama and the MIC

I am a simple guy.  Grew up going to Catholic school and lived on more Indian reservations than most kids can count across the Great Plains.

Let me see if i can get this straight.  It can't be that hard if Obama is involved.

How many billions of dollars did President Zero spend on trying to eliminate the JV team, ISIS?

If the United States launched over 6,700 air strikes over the last year against ISIS and had very little effect then how in hell can Russia in only 60 air strikes knock the living hell out of the so-called JV team and literally degrade them?  I guess the mission was accomplished as the Military Industrial Complex "won" the battle!

There are one hell of a lot of fat cats in the military industrial complex feeding off this mayhem.

All at the expense of the United States taxpayer.

In college, way back in the 70's,  I learned more from my daily dose of the Minneapolis Star Tribune then I did from the overpriced text books.  Back then it was day after day of United States military men dying in Vietnam. The Military Industril Complex was cleaning up back then as they are today.  The suburbs of Virginia and Maryland have all the stories. 

When will the youth of this nation rise up and demand some accountability?

We sure aren't getting it from anyone who is elected and needs $$$$$ from lobbyists.

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