Thursday, August 13, 2015

On the 2nd Anniversary of Missouri Thuggery

My Dad was a Federal Firearms Instructor.   He probably shot more rounds on a pistol range than anyone I know.  Dad was an excellent pistol shooter and one hell of a shot on deer with his 30-06.

I remember one instance when he missed a whitetail deer that was running and after he emptied his rifle I killed it.   I was sure I had thumped the doe in the heart only to get up the hill into a snow bank and see that it had been hammered high in the neck.  So much for my shooting prowess!

Anyway, on the second anniversary of the thuggery over in Ferguson I want to comment on how Dad would have probably handled things back in the day.  Dad had been nearly killed by a sniper while driving in his patrol car and didn't take kindly to having guns pointed his way.

If you point a gun, any kind of gun, at a cop there is a high likelihood of getting shot at, or worse yet, shot, or worse yet, killed.

Point a gun at a cop you probably might or should become victim.

That's the Dad in me talking.   Did I miss anything?

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