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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Jordan Parisian, 2015, Fishing Bass

My son, Jordan Parisian, is the President of his High School fishing team and this year took 13th place in the Georgia state HS fishing championship out of 68 boats.  To say that he loves to fish is an understatement.  Fishing with Jordan yesterday was my pal, Ron Branch from Tifton, Georgia.  Ron has more bass fishing trophies than most people have socks and at one time long ago was very close to turning professional.  

 Ron and Jordan fished this 350 acre lake 2 years ago and boated nearly 90 fish until they tired out.

In all the years of fishing and seeing big bass, the biggest bass, by far, that Ron has ever laid eyes on, came at around the 4 minute mark of this video.  There was a tremendous amount of exclamatory profanity that Jordan dubbed out for viewer nondiscretion after they saw it,  which is why the sound is a little off.

Ron thought that fish could be a Georgia state record.  Both Jordan and Ron have caught big 10 pound bass and this one literally made a 10 pounder look like a dwarf.    This big bass was going to swallow a 1.5 pound bass for lunch!   You can see the wave action as the big fish makes his run at that little bass.

Jordan at one point went 16 for 16.   They fished until their hands cramped up and called it quits. 

I hope you enjoy a taste of south Georgia bass fishing at it's finest!  Jordan graduates from high school tomorrow night and next year will be a member of the Bass Fishing Team at the University of Georgia where he will be an engineering major. 


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