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Friday, March 20, 2015

Stock Market Mania

We are getting near a disasterous market blow-off and nobody sees it or smells it.   Look around, open your eyes.   Ignoring reality is no way for a society  to go through life.
Going  short this vertical mania is still for  losers but pay attention.   The market decline is simply being postponed by the Fed and Europeans raining down free money to the 1%.  It is all about the Central Banks printing liabilites forward on the backs of future Americans still a twinkle in the eye of their Mom.   I would say Dad but Fathers are in short supply these days.

 Here is a headline you need to ponder.

"US Fed balance sheet liabilities increased to USD 4.458 TRILLION in the latest week."  

For those of you in Mandaree or Pine Ridge, (I use those two villages rather loosely, I lived in both of them for about 8 years, I know well the definition of "wild dog packs") who are aware of the massive bailouts given to banks, (at least $6 trillion so far, plus  $10 trillion of swaps with foreign banks) I can only hope you are paying taxes to help with the coming carnage.   With the banks off the hook for derivative debt, now saddled onto the back of the American taxpayer there is another collapse coming.   Greed guarantees it.   

The Bush and Obama regimes had to bail out the banks to "Save" America.   That is funny as hell.  They should have nationalized the investment banks and the depository banks and wiped out the shareholders, bondholders and management.   They should have allowed them to fail.

Instead we have what we have today.   A bailout nation.    We all are losing.    

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