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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Peterson, Rice, Hardy, ad nauseum

Haven't been to a pro football game in years.  No interest.  I don't care for tats and prefer watching little league and high school football to professional games.  I especially don't like to watch owners parading around the sidelines.

This Adrian Peterson cowboy is a hell of a running back.  Must be fairly good at impregnating women too.  His track record at siring children isn't bad for one his age.

The indictment speaks for itself. 

There's a sickness in this guy.

Lets see if there's another felon running loose on Sunday afternoons in the NFL.

It's just another reason to stay home. 

I wish the NFL had a policy where season-ticket holders were screened to make sure they weren't getting EBT or WIC funds from taxpayers as well.
Here is a very well written piece on the Ray Rice saga as well.

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