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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Greed in America

The problem in a representative democracy is that for every instance of waste, graft or fraud there is a  taxpayer footing the bill for somebody's fat paycheck or government contract. Promising good governance guarantees a losing campaign for public office.  If you disagree feel free to expound on your analysis.  Be cogent and concise please.

To avoid the political pain that would result from trimming the waste and fraud, the state prints money to keep the swag flowing. Since the state can't create real wealth, it prints claims on wealth and passes off the paper as "money."

The only thing that is infinite about the state is the hubris of those at the controls and the narrow self-interest of those at its capacious feeding trough.

The fourth and fifth branches of government are of course the lobbyists and the military/industrial complex, they run things from the Pentagon to European junkets.   It is a complex web of payola, insider dealing, West Point connections, liberal spending, geez, I just have to quit there, there isn't an end to it.  The only common denominator of the entire mess is that it is all financed with my tax payments.


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