Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday market analysis...........

 Remember: if the data is weak, it's the snow; if it's strong, it's the recovery.

Listen to the MSM mantra of wash, rinse, repeat!

Met a friend for breakfast and he was lamenting how the markets are being manipulated by insiders.   I tried to tell him a couple of things after I stopped chuckling.  When I started talking about nanoseconds I lost him.   Funny how people always say it is impossible for someone to manipulate the market in less than half a second.

Most of America still thinks the stock markets are traded by humans!

After the eggs and hashbrowns he brought up gold prices as well.  I told him gold is held by Western central banks for exactly the same reason individuals ought to hold it: protection.  Central banks are accumulating gold because it cannot get wiped out like fiat currencies do.

I told him that people should be doing the same — not being sidetracked by the distractions.  It's not about the price today.

If you own gold, it will do the heavy lifting for you when the time comes.

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