Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jordan Parisian, Milton HS Football, #23

Finally!   The monkey was lifted on Friday night.   After 19 long years the Milton High School Eagles football team got it done and defeated Walton HS at home in a great game. 

Congratulations to the Milton players, coaches, parents and die-hard fans who endured a rather chilly evening!   There was no shortage of  hard hitting and big plays and #23 came up with a huge interception in the 4th quarter that stopped a Walton drive and turned the momentum in a big way.  Great hands Jordan!

Thank you all for your kind words to Jordan in your emails and text messages.

I think Pam may need a trip to an orthoepidic this week after tearing up her elbow from ringing the cow bells so hard!   Ramp it up Eagles!!!    Good luck boys in your final two regular season games.

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