Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Mel Watt may make Franklin Raines look like a chump,,,,,,,,,,

when it is all said and done.......and it isn't over by a long shot.......the carnage to the American taxpayer will continue..........and like Jim Rogers always asked, "why Franklin Raines isn't in jail" is anyone's guess.

Mr. Watt's lobbying dollars coming almost exclusively from Wall Street, Lawyers/Law Firms, and Labor Unions, the $7+ trillion in US mortgages, and sole source of mortgage creation in the US, is in "very good", if just a little conflicted and quite socialist, hands. Mortgage forgiveness-demanding, crony capitalist comrades of the world, unite! (while charging $1000/hour)
Mel Watt's biggest career contributors by industry:

Mel Watt's biggest career contributors by company:

Source: OpenSecrets

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