Tuesday, November 27, 2012

MCT, Nelson Act (Timber Settlement)

H.R.  1272 passed the United States Senate  (100 goons)  on 9.22.2012.  The Chief Teleprompter than signed the bill into law on 10.5.2012.

I would love to see the total breakdown on how the interest was credited to the fund since the actual award was appropriated about a dozen years ago.  

My wish would be that of the $2,400,000 payment to the White Earth Tribe, (actually all the Bands of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe will get that amount)  that I would get a pro-rata share of the distribution instead of the tribe.

If you do the math that would be another $300 for 48,000 Minnesota Chippewa Tribe members.

You have to love reservation math, or BIA math, or OTFM math or even tribal council math.


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