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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jesse Jackson's "Mood Disorder"

Let me weigh in on this nonsense.  He is a drug addict.  Always will be.  It is great that he is in treatment.  I hope he becomes clean, clear and contributes to his family.  Forever.

What I hate is this crap in the media about the mood disorder.   Come on.  Please.  Stop bullshitting.

There isn't a mood disorder there is an addiction.  Why is it no one talks straight anymore.  No one lays it out.  No one is honest.   These bullshit brokers that call here every day with every song and dance about their great bonds and great structured products.  Give me a break.  It's all just a steady stream of mincing, equivocating, politically correct, lying bullshit.   I think half of America is pathologically incapable of clarity.   Did you get fired?  Did you get laid off?   Did you get divorced?  Are you on food stamps?   What do you think of Obama?  Is Obamacare good for you and good for America?   Are you sucking off the Government by selling your food stamps?   Just be clear.  Black and white.   It goes on and on and on. 

Yo, media saps, what is it about the term "mood disorder"  that you don't understand?

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