Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Crossville WalMart

I travel a good bit. Was in Africa a while back and never saw one person that was grossly obese. Not a single one.

The other day I happened to be in the WalMart in Crossville, TN. I normaly don't like shopping WalMart simply because the only thing one can buy there that is American made is blueberries and even that notion may be suspect.

I couldn't believe what I was walking and shopping amongst. I don't know if there is sugar in the water and transfats in the air but that was truly the grossest sight of fat Americans I have ever had to look at. The beasts among us are putting America's health in a death spiral. Even this loon Obama's health care deformity bill can't help these food addicts.

It was truly a putrid display of human flesh. Frankly it was sad and says alot about pride, ego, personal responsibility, welfare payments and lack of a work ethic among shoppers at WalMart in Crossville, TN.

One dam ugly place. And to see the children of these beasts. Real sad.

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