Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Goldman Sachs.......lies versus the art of bullshit

This is really a treat to sit and listen to these clowns.

All i hear is nobody did anything wrong. It was because the industry got"loose" in 2007 and 2008. All conduct was proper. Everything on the Goldman trading desk was prim and proper.

This is Goldman obfuscation at its best. It is also Senate hypocrisy at its best. These Senators are so out-gunned they don't have a clue in how to put together a line of questioning. The Senators wanted some TV exposure. What America got was a comedy of just how ill-equipped their political guru's are when it comes to dealing wih Wall Street.

These Goldman boys were well-rehearsed by their legal teams. Legal teams making tens of millions on these gun-slingers. I wish the esteemed Senators had Jeffrey L. Liddle grilling these guys.

Bingo, America loses again!

The average American watching this shit-show won't believe a word of it.

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