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Friday, January 22, 2010

Ponder this over your football weekend........

Think about the financial health of America this weekend. Think about some of the slime that allowed this to happen. Between your beers and chips and endless stream of commercials just think. This Dodd cat who was a dear friend of Angelo "the tan one" Mozzillo is really a piece of work. He cuts sweetheart real estate deals and tells us that we must confirm his pal. Get a load of this quote:

"I think if you wanted to send the worst signal to the markets right now in the country and send us in a tailspin, it would be to reject this nomination. This is not naming someone to be an assistant secretary to something. This is the most important central banker in the world. Rejecting the president's choice for the Fed chairman would have huge economic implications, and people need to think about that." - Chris Dodd

Mr. Dodd, the shitshow you helped create is building momentum.

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