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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday ramblings.......

The congressional vote FOR the jets was 400 to 30.........just imagine. One can't find the names of the biggest proponents of the spending anywhere in the media. Funny how that works huh? Only the naysayers who had the interests of the American people in mind are mentioned. They should be singled out and given medals (or money) because incentives work.

The SEC settlement for quick and final settlement with Bank of America is a joke. This federal court judge has it right. I guess he isn't on the payroll of the insiders and wants to get to the bottom of the slime. Good luck judge, it's awful deep and you are looking in all the right places.

Watching Hannity last night was a hoot. Hearing how the liberals jammed the town hall meetings with "their own" says it all.

HUD Secretary Ron Sims should go to Mandaree or Pine Ridge and see what happens to established neighborhoods when the "opportunity for choice so people are able to enjoy what I call the fruits and benefits of an established neighborhood". What a disaster for real estate prices and the fine folks who BUILT and MAINTAINED those communities from Day 1. Talk about a disaster for the County Commissioners and the tax base in years to come. Ugh.

The health-care deformity, yes, you read that right, will do more to divide this country. Much more. It will get wild before it gets any better. And thinking about robbing Peter to pay Paul, the finest example of Medicare and Social Security today is the criminal enterprise of Bernie Madoff. Pure and simple theft.

Walter Williams said it best today in IBD (Investors Business Daily for those of you in Twin Buttes, Porcupine and Lodge Grass). And his point is as true for Indian Country as it is for say, Mexico. Today, only 35% of black children are born inside a marriage. And as in Indian Country, the welfare state is an equal-opportunity family destroyer. The steady expansion of welfare programs goes hand-in-hand with the deterioration of the family unit in Indian Country.

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