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Monday, April 13, 2009

2009 taxes.........

Writing a big check to the Internal Revenue Service today almost made me vomit.

I paid enough to pay all of the new dog's expenses for the next few years in the White House. Those funds could have been used to "stimulate" the economy. Now the Obama/Geithner team get to direct them to the fat cat thieves who still inhabit Wall Street. I love how these bankers are setting themselves up to coin money off of these toxic assets. It's beautiful on how Congress, lobbyists and the Wall Street honcho's feed the media and America gets hosed.

On another note, it was nice to see Captain Phillips survive. I figured the Obama spin machine would try to elevate BHO as the "hero" of the rescue efforts of the truly heroic Captain. Do some work and find out what really was said and the actions of the Obama team in all of this. I'm hoping that the Captain and his wife (who came close to being a widow) and the Navy Commander who gave the order to shoot don't dignify this appalling farce by attending any congratulatory photo-op ceremony at the White House.

The best way to deal with pirates has always been to kill them, and that's still true today.

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