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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Healthcare Obama style.............

Eighty-six year old Grampa Doug Parisian drove out of Spicer in his car and entered Rice Hospital in Willmar yesterday morning bright and early. His hernia surgery was to be at 8am with Dr. Kidd. Following orders, the previous night he only drank water. The surgery went perfect according to the surgeon and Doug was placed in Room 1811 for an overnight stay and release the following morning to make sure all was well.

As background, he was required to take several tests last week prescribed by his internist to make sure his general health was sound to handle the surgical procedure. He was very put out by these tests and was very vocal to the medical personnel that they were just "running up the bill" because he has very good medical insurance. Remember, it was 10 years ago last week that his wife and my mother passed away after a very long 8 year ordeal that rang up millions in medical expenses for his insurance carrier and the state of Minnesota. Unfortunately I remember that all too well. I think Doug does too.

Along about 2 pm Doug began to get hungry and irritated with all the noise on the floor and found his cell phone in his pants pocket and decided to call his good buddy who lives in Spicer across the street from him. This fine gent just 3 weeks ago underwent heart by-pass surgery in St. Cloud. Doug got out of bed, dressed and told the nurses he was "just fine and getting the hell out of there because it was too loud and that all they wanted was to run up the bill". He said he was going home to get some rest. His buddy picked him up and off they went around the parking lot to Doug's car and then they headed to Spicer.

That was the Doug Parisian style of cutting back on health care costs. It would make Obama proud.

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