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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cuomo, justice and Wall Street.......

So Cuomo has just about every investment firm on their knees with check-book at the ready to cough up some bucks and make the customers whole. And then they write some checks to Cuomo which he calls a "fine". That is a good thing, partially.

My problem is the fines themselves. They are not going to any “victims” but rather to the scoreboard of slimy politicians.

Secondly and perhaps more pertinent is the fact that these popular “fines” don’t really punish the people who commit the injustice on investors but rather the majority shareholders, which are outside institutions representing millions of innocent, unsuspecting Americans.

This isn’t about justice, it’s about plundering large sources of vulnerable money. Underhanded lawyers have mastered this stratagem. If they really wanted justice, they would punish the individuals who were responsible for the bad practices. They would make them pay fines from their personal assets and/or make them serve time if they broke the law.

You see, there’s not as much money in real justice. Another aspect I find amazing is how nobody in the media is even aware of this scam being indirectly perpetrated against retirement and pension plans across the country.

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