Thursday, July 17, 2008

Call me if you want a bail-out...........

Let's get on the bandwagon boys and girls. If you are in Mandaree give me a good smoke signal and lets get rocking. Everyone in America it seems is getting bailed out by the government. Where can I apply for a bail-out? Surely I qualify for some type of financial largesse and pronto.........perhaps it the influx of mosquitoes I contend with around my swimming pool every night or the several SUV's I own in getting them all gassed up or maybe it is the poor job my landscaper seems to be doing.

Come on, lets get some government action here. The 2008 American mantra seems to be, "When in doubt, get a bail out."

You can have my vote, if you give me a bail-out!!!!!!

2008. Not a iota of common sense in anything coming out of our government in an election year. Do yourself a favor, here is your assignment for the next 72 hours. Listen intently to the news and ask yourself just where the money is coming from for all of these "bail-outs" in the works. Aren't you the government? I'm not, the government takes half of what I make.

Both parties are killing this country.

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