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Friday, June 27, 2008

Conviction into July............

Today a 20% retracement off the highs. The pundits and talking heads will have a field day with this dismal performance. Wall Street is catching up to Main Street. Finally.

I didn't sleep well last night. The liberal nut cases who sit on the Supreme Court have taken any modicum of common sense and thrown brains out with the rapists. I fell asleep praying for the abused children and families preyed upon by rapists. The horror and disgust chilled me into slumber. God help our nation with such lunatics making the Supreme Law of the land. May rightful gun owners get the job done on child rapists. The sickening stench of liberalism emanating from the Court is killing us all.

Record oil prices today. What's new? The sheiks talking up their ramping of production with higher prices. What's new there? The grand global con continues. And we pay. These Congressional inquiries into higher oil prices are just grand. Our do-nothing politicians are a disgrace.

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with someone in Seattle who works for a quasi-governmental agency. In total agreement with me that there is ZERO accountability by government. Passing the buck is status-quo. It is an affront to decency in dealing with many facets of government. And common sense in dealing with them? Forgetaboutit.........

The currents ebbing and flowing in the largest watered down casino on earth at the corner of Wall and Broad make for a fully manned life boat. Anything can happen here. Huge upside, huge downside althought a sustained "melt-up" probably isn't in the cards here.

Keep in mind that good times follow bad times.

I had a short chat today with an old friend. The topic of conviction came up. Conviction is hard to find in a Wall Street salesmen broker. They call here day after day with their games and gimmicks and deals and products to "help" us help our clients. When the questions start and the game gets serious the conviction is gone. It's over. The next time a broker calls to pitch some crap on you ask him or her if they own it themselves and listen closely to the response.
Then start the questions and listen for the conviction. The only conviction you will get is with their fees. That is their conviction. Taking money from your account to theirs.

Have a great weekend. Do something fun, get some exercise, eat something good. And look forward to the celebration of freedom and liberty we all should cherish.

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