Thursday, May 22, 2008

1 week and 1,381 miles later......briefly speaking

Higher crude is putting a damper on a robust America. Iowa has not an acre not under plow, disk or planter this spring. The Congress of the United States keeps up the grandstanding with their hearings of executives of the major oil drillers. They should have mirrors in their chambers. The same with the mortgage problems.

What a week it was internationally. Lebanon now has Hezbollah in their midst, legally and armed. The Pakistani's have a love affair going with the Islamic militants to the north.

In case you get your financial news from CNBC touts without a clue, the market is in a correction. Ford is toast. The airlines have no pricing power. American's push to charge $15 for a first checked bag will put more time and stress on an already burdened employee group. The speculators are going to the bank, the cow-calf producers are as usual, taking it. Obama doesn't get it.

It was a great trip. At 85 I wish every day to be Fathers Day for my Dad. It's good to be back but hard making solid returns playing defense. And defense keeps us in the game.

Let the games begin again.

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