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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Georgia born n bred..........

As many of you know, I have been hunting with my great friend Ron Branch since 1991.

We have covered some great country, taken a few great animals, shared some great meals, shared some aged liquor and uncovered some of life's largest questions over that time. The answers we're still working on. Over the years, I married, he married, saw my 2 sons come into the world, buried his Dad, buried my Mother, shot some elk, both start businesses, turned him on to big muley bucks and in turn, had my eldest son, Hunter, take his first two whitetail deer on his farm. A farm I have grown to love to hunt. Why? Just because it fits. It isn't easy. It's thick cover. Good cover for big bucks.

A few short years ago we decided to stop shooting bucks on his farm that were 2.5 years or younger and let some of the little guys turn into decent breeding stock. The local neighbors who hunt love us. On the farm, his brother Stan has a feeder that feeds deer and turkey all year round. We had this buck stare the camera down the other day on the farm.

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Last weekend Ron and I again passed on several small bucks. The potential for bigger bucks is there.

Like making money in the stock market, all it takes is time. Like Dad always said, you can't eat horns but this buck would taste mighty good.

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