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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Time rolls on...............

Today was a milestone of sorts. I grew around plenty of water........from Pomme de Terre Dam near Morris, MN to the Big Muddy in South and North Dakota and alot of lakes in between.

I was introduced to the world of water skiing by a childhood friend, Joe La Fave at their cabin on Lake Minnewaska between Starbuck and Glenwood, Minnesota. They probably allowed me to attempt to get up far longer than they should have and I thank them for that. I know Joe's Dad went on ahead recently and he did so much for so many through his life. I do know I finally got up on two skiis on Angostora Dam in the southern end of the Black Hills and skied awful hard in the summer in Minnesota with my great pal, Jimmy Jost. His parents had a great boat with a great engine and we "hit it" awful hard..........we did plenty of dumb things in our day for sure just like any teen or college kid. Skiing naked almost killed me and we still howl about that. Skiing at night on the calm surface of Lake Emily east of Hancock MN (far and away my MOST favorite lake of all time) with a big full August harvest moon, throwing up a wall of water against the bright moon when making a nice cut on the Avanti was priceless.

Not only would my late Mother have been 79 years old today, God Bless You Mom, today was the first day my youngest son learned to ski. And he was up on his second try. To me , to him, to his family, it was a big deal. Whataday!!!!!!!!!!!!

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