Saturday, June 02, 2007

Last night's country music in the A T L...............

Last nights show at Phillips Arena was okay. Hank Williams Jr. aka HANK and Skynard, the band formerly known as Leonard Skynard a gazillion years ago put it together to an unpacked house of country music lovers, rednecks and assorted folks who were there to party.

I wonder what a good concert would be to them without alchohol? Sitting up in a box watching the number of people passing plastic bottles of god-knows-what around to pour down their throats was great entertainment. I wish Skynard would have played Freebird and Sweet Home Alabama first so we could have gotten out of there earlier but hey, it was a beautiful night in Georgia.

It always amazes me what it will take to clean up downtown Atlanta and make the area around Phillips and the Georgia Dome a decent, family-friendly part of the city. Where are the upbeat restaurants, drug-free and crime-free parks, outdoor entertainment, etc.? I thought the 1996 games would get it done. Wrong. Downtown Atlanta at night is a joke. As the limo driver said, 80% of their customer base is on the Northside. Maybe it is time to put the concert venues where the majority of paying customers live. Ya think? Is anyone listening? Ted Turner had that wrong. The Dome should have been where Atlantic Station is. At a major confluence of freeways and available space. And speaking of freeways, is there a bigger bunch of loony tune state highway employees/planners in America than in Georgia? The cozy relationship between road-builders, politicians and DOT folks is one for the ages. And good Georgians will have to live with the results, probably forever.

Rock on Hank, you looked sober and sang super!

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