Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rambling thoughts on Israel...........

Where did all the Appaloosa horses come from? Israel has some great horse-flesh.

Mandatory military service serves so much, for so many. America should do it. Today.

Israel, pick up the litter, start litter campaigns, clean up the trash. And cats!

Michael Steinhardt's "Birthright Israel" involvment is good stuff. Smart people doing great work.

The highest birth-rates in the world must be in Israel. An amazingly high per-capita number.

If Israel can bury power lines in cities so can America. Visual pollution is the worst.

The Dead Sea should be "sold" to the world. I thought it would be more commercialized. Everyone should float in the highest salt concentration in the world just once.

Farming has always been a socialistic enterprise. I wonder why the kibbutz system didn't catch on in America besides the simple fact that hard work was involved?

The harbor/waterfront area of Tel Aviv reminded me of San Diego in 1970 or 1980.......demand for water-front drinking establishments far outstripped supply.

If you need to go out dancing in Tel Aviv, try Whiskey a Go!

A bottle of red "YARDEN" goes very nice with lamb.

The United Nations (UN) is indeed the "United Nothing"

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