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Monday, June 05, 2006

Dr. Janice Dorn is a true gem.......taken from Victor's ""

Days like today can be demoralizing to traders and investors who see profits disintegrate, stops hit and stocks under distribution. It is precisely at these times that we must "steel" ourselves, and not give up in disgust and self-loathing. Your emotions are your greatest enemy on days like today.

The markets giveth and the markets taketh away. The markets don't care who we are, what we own, how much we need the money to put food on the table or anything else about us. The only thing that matters in such situations as we are now experiencing is that you do not quit. Do not quit.

Things always look terrible when we are near a tradable bottom. It is those who do not panic, stay the course and continue to believe in themselves and their positions who will survive to play another day.

Be strong, persevere, never give up, and you will be rewarded. Continue to see opportunity where others see only chaos and panic.

A excerpt from "Fifty Years in Wall Street" by Henry Clews:

Mr. John D. Rockefeller attributes his success to early training and perseverance. That is, like other men who have stamped their individuality upon the affairs of mankind, he is what is termed a causationist; in other words, he believes that nothing is got for nothing, that effects proceed from causes, and the cause of success he believes to be largely perseverance. He believes that perseverance overcomes almost everything, even nature itself, and in that opinion this ordinary business man is at one with the philosophers of antiquity

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