Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dad, NFL Players, Courage & Dallas Police

My dad was a cop.  He was a cop for a long time.  Sometimes when he was called out in the middle of the night my Mom would cry.  His backup was himself.  There were no backups in the 60's on Ft. Berthold, there was no dispatch in the middle of the night.  Sometimes he came home with blood on his clothes.  He was also a cop in the poorest county in the United States of America. He was not only a cop he became Chief of Police on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Pine Ridge, SD. My dad had courage.  My dad had a family to feed.  Let me tell you about courage.

Real courage is the Dallas Police running towards gunfire to protect fellow citizens.

Real courage is putting on a uniform for more than one day and going to work with the real possibility of not coming home because you can be killed in the line of action trying to protect citizens.

Real courage is doing that every day in some of America's most dangerous places to serve the public and for a tiny percentage of what high-priced professional athletes make, in communities that I am certain Colin Kaepernick does not live remotely close to.

I wish most Americans had a modicum of courage and could understand what freedom is truly about.

They don't. Most  are clueless about what cops like my Dad did while serving their country during war time.  There are alot of veterans with a whole lot of courage.  Guys like my friends, Gary Meis and Paul Sutcliff come to mind.

And that is what pisses me off.   Clueless Americans.  Look around, they seem to be everywhere.

Most of what everyone wants in life is on the other side of fear.

Courage, dam hard to find yet everyone thinks they are entitled to it.

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