Friday, September 07, 2007


Whiteclay was home to some great guys........The Theis twins, Jim and John, Calvin Coombs and Gary Braehmer to name a few. Whiteclay, Nebraska today is probably one of the nastier towns in America. It is where the Oglala Lakota Nation feeds its addiction for alcohol as the reservation is "dry". It is where I bought beer at age 15 for the prom at Oglala Community High School in Pine Ridge, SD where I went to school in the spring of 1969. I can't even imagine my own 15 year old today walking into a bar in Whiteclay and buying beer.

There are alot of issues represented in that border town. A lot of pain. A lot of wasted Oglala dreams. A lot of human capital destroyed in the bottle.

The once-proud Sioux may never find the answer.

I still dream it will be in my lifetime.

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