Friday, September 28, 2007

Full Moon

The average American probably doesn't have a clue about how many days it takes for a full moon to come around in the night sky. Probably something about the lack of interest in the natural world in the age of the internet.

This morning, out for my morning jaunt in the dark, it was truly spectacular.

The air was clear. The air was dry. Mars twinkled overhead with the reddish tint it is known for.

The moon hung to the west. Like the days of old when I would come up over LaJolla Village Drive to head into 875 Prospect in LaJolla and go to work at Drexel Burnham Lambert. Heading into work when the world was asleep and sleepy LaJolla was slumbering, the moon hanging over the ocean and casting a beautiful MOON GLOW on the expansive Pacific. Calming. It was my friend. It was always special. I tried always to never take it for granted.

This morning in the moonlight were migrating birds. Hundreds if not thousands chirping as they moved south. The migration is here. One can set their watch by those migrating birds almost to the week. And by the moon, almost to the day.

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