Friday, February 09, 2007

The Valentines Day meeting ............

Just walked in from the gym.....was bored with sitting around listening to the talking heads on CNBC yack about Fortress going public and making billionaires out of the management. If less than half of all hedge funds beat the S&P 500 why all the clamor? You can go to the London Stock Exchange and buy shares of the Quantum Fund any day of the week. This whole media blitz of private equity, hedge funds and Wall Street trading desks/wirehouses is getting a bit much. The layers and layers of fees are sickening although none of them have any of my money. The pricing and how the NYSE opened Fortress is again totally absurd. Where is Herb Greenberg or Charlie Gasparino when you need them? Cramer can call it the way he sees the game played as Knight Trading opened his company,, just like Fortress was opened today. The games apparently won't end. If these deals are so good why is the public buying and why are the insiders selling? Easy to answer that. The public believes that is what is new, hot and what they should own. Wall Street needs to create investment products to market to the masses simply because there isn't enough commission and fees in the old products. As most of you know, I moved to cash about 10 days ago with my more aggressive assets. I will be able to make the meeting on Valentines Day as my wife doesn't want to go to dinner with the masses expressing their love for each other. I wonder if that means she loves me less or just wants to spend a nice Wednesday night at home with her sons in a comfortable setting with her husband at IHOP? If enough of you would like to cancel the meeting just let me know and we can reschedule. I doubt if IHOP will be packed with lovers. One name I did not sell was ARRS and actually added more this week. You might check out the chart because positive money flows and momentum are written all over this Suwanee-based company. I am short the 15 calls on ARRS in both the February and March expirations as a matter of full disclosure. I hope I get to keep the option premium because I doubt I will rewrite the options if they expire worthless. May the Creator bless the soul of, that is not a stock symbol, just a blonde whose life and times will be retold a billion times on TV over the rest of my life. Ughhh.

Wednesday night lets talk about interest rates, inflation, general market conditions and specific stocks. No ANS discussion allowed. Have a great weekend, do something fun, celebrate those you love, eat something good and believe that the best is yet to come!

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