Sunday, February 04, 2007

Civil War..........

Sitting here in my beautiful office, sipping coffee, waiting for dawn to break, reading about the news going on in Iraq on Super Sunday, it's hard to imagine the carnage of that massive truck bombing in the busy market that killed and maimed so many.

My prayers are for all of Iraq, even those maniacal fools who today, tomorrow and weeks to come, will prepare for their deaths by loading explosives into vehicles to kill so many innocents.

I wish a battalion of U.S. Marines could get to the bastards first and let God sort out their eternal life. My prayers too for all of the U.S. military and their families.

America today, so bored it needs to get worked up for a football game. Will the day ever come when we care more about social security reform, tax reform, abolishing earmarks or halting the illegal invasion? Probably not, none of those topics make good fodder for water-cooler gossip. I wish they would show some news clips from Iraq during the half-time show.

Iraq is a reality show that the middle-class is paying for and the stench gets stronger day by day.

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