Thursday, August 17, 2006

We'll never forget ......................

“Keep praying. They'll be in there soon. It takes a while to get up those stairs ... It's going to be fine. It's going to be fine.” – Dispatcher to 9/11 victim Melissa Doi, who died on the 83rd floor of the south tower

“Well, a plane just crashed into it this morning, the other one the same thing. OK? Why don't you just try to stay calm, try to stay together. I'm going to try to get this to the radio people to get somebody up to you.” – Unidentified dispatcher to person in the trade center

“We have six men here. Do you want us to find our way down there? ... OK, we're going to try and respond down to the trade center.” – Fire Lt. Raymond Murphy, who died after volunteering his services

“Sir, did you find something and put it over your head? OK, did you see any fire at this time? Sir ... OK, I want you to go on the floor. Kneel on the floor. On the floor. Cover your head with a cloth.” – Unidentified dispatcher

“We got people jumping out of buildings. It is unreal. It is absolutely unreal.” – Unidentified emergency worker

“Ma'am, if you have to break a window, if you have to. If you don't, don't break it. I'm gonna get somebody there to get you, OK? ... I'm not going to be able to call you back, we're very busy right now. Everybody's calling me.” – Unidentified dispatcher

“I'm on the 35th floor. ... Numerous burn injuries are coming down. I'm trying to send them down. ... We're still heading up.” – Fire Capt. Patrick Brown, later killed in the trade center

“There's heavy smoke and flames, and the building management is announcing that everything is all right, and it's not and they're confused.” – 911 operator, relaying call from the 82nd floor of the south tower to another dispatcher

“Is there any towels in the area? Anything that you have handy. Soak them with water. Lie on the floor. OK? Sir, try to calm yourself down.” – Unidentified 911 operator

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