Friday, March 31, 2017

Shit weasel definition

A couple of regular readers of this blog called and were asking the REAL definition of shit weasel. They were too busy to look it up on Google or STARTPAGE or DUCK DUCK  GO or Bling or any other site that might save them a phone call.  I think they really wanted to talk about the traffic situation in Atlanta.

Anyway,  here is the Dean Parisian version of shit weasel:  Generally Washington DC politicians of red and blue stripes that lie day and night to stay in office and feed off lobbyists that should be roped up and hung out to dry.   Usually a politician that has been in office far too long and has no clue about the Middle Class, the role of the FED, tax code, economics, supply and demand, incentives, social security or effects of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

Our last President, the Kenyan, is a fine example!

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