Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Undocumented Flying Machine over the White House!

I saw this in the news the other day that President Foodstamp doesn't have an Iron Dome over the White House (yet) so maybe the drone that went down inside the WH compound should demand amnesty, a free college tuition, iPhone, healthcare, etc.  I am sure mandatory DRONE REGISTRATION will be coming any day now.

I wonder when Amazon will be delivering dope with Drones in Colorado?  Come to think of it maybe it is the easiest way to have new golf clubs delivered to the Golfer-in-Chief.

I doubt if shotguns would work to stop a droning but come to think of it, it also might be awful tough to have a shooter at the ready at 3:08 am with his load of 3.5 inch BBB ready to unload!

In the end, if drones are outlawed remember only outlaws will have drones.

Technology is changing folks.  Drone on!!!

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