Monday, January 21, 2013


The name of his speech should be "I Have A Drone".

You can always tell how good a job the President and government is doing by how much bullet proof glass he is surrounded by during inauguration.

I'm sure the galling hypocrisy of Obama quoting from the psalms and scriptures during a televised address soon after Sandy Hook was not lost on many of us who are aware that this is the same Illinois state senator who twice voted for the measure that allowed the victims of botched abortions to slowly die of the insane butchery inflicted upon them. This is the professor of constitutional law who stated that Roe v. Wade was the "centerpiece" of his lesson plan. This is the "first black president" who fully supports a genocidal purge of his own race in a country where half of all pregnancies in the Afro-American community end in abortion. This is the Nobel Peace Prize laureate and "peace candidate" who maintains "kill lists", orders extrajudicial assassinations, and who has unleashed drone warfare on innocent civilians throughout the Middle East and North Africa and proxy armies of Islamist thugs to kill and torture Libyan black Africans.

This is a great day for freeloaders everywhere.

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