Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Economic Cannibalism

Dana Perino, last night brought up a very interesting term. The more I thought about it the more impressed I was with what all it entails. Today, we are in a tsunami of what she calls "economic cannibalism".

So who is being devoured? Who is the next meal for the insiders within the money machine and the hallowed halls of DC? Insiders in DC should be the next meal but they won't. With its astronomical homicide rate, half the fire hydrants not working, rats on the Mall and the schools a disgrace, DC will survive.

Being eaten is Main Street. Food for the machine is the small businesses of America. They are the cash cow, the buffet, the cafeteria of money that these goons think will never end. Yesterday Goldman Sachs announced stellar earnings after taking $10,000,000,000 in direct aid from the American taxpayer and fives times that amount in indirect aid from hard working tax paying Americans. America, you are being used and fed upon by the insiders.

Cap-n-trade and health-care reform are just more reasons for DC to take your money and redistribute it to the insiders. I wonder when America will have had enough of being swallowed, digested and expelled before they get a clue and turn the insiders agenda into the "menu"?

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