Monday, October 13, 2008


Where is the outrage? Who represents the anger of Main Street? What policy maker has our interests at heart first and foremost? What politicians should be tossed from office for the billions in losses suffered by American retirement plans? How do the chieftains of these Wall Street firms continue to rip off shareholders without any repercussions?

Letting the Democrats lead an inquiry into the horrorific financial mess is like letting the potheads guard the chips-n-dip. The SEC, out to lunch. Cris Cox is beholden to higher powers. Franklin Raines? Why that cat isn't in jail is anyone's guess. Robert Rubin, a near billionaire doing nothing; absolutley nothing.

Hank Paulson, taking care of the Mother Ship (Goldman Sachs, the firm he sucked $500 million out of before taking the Treasury job). Letting all those major firms go down BEFORE they change the mark-to-market rules is sheer travesty. Imagine the outrage of the thousands of former employees of those firms!

The lack of trust that America has for Wall Street and the slimy politicians trying to spend our money to extricate the big players from oblivion is warranted. I say the best start would be vote out any incumbent. That is a start in the right direction.

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