Wednesday, January 16, 2008


John Paulson. Lucky? One-hit wonder? Naw, some luck, alot of hard work, alot of risk and tremendous success. Only in America. Beating Wall Street at their own game.

Mitt is claiming victory in Michigan, Obama claiming "change" is afoot, Hillary talking about spending more taxpayer money bailing out the fine Americans who are having mortage issues, 70% of whom are said to have LIED on their mortgage applications. Is anyone talking about social security reform, criminal immigration, trade imbalances, tax code reform? Nope, just the usual, jobs, healthcare and the environment.

Here's my cure for American healthcare, listen up. Let every doctor prescribe TWO pair of good walking shoes to every American who they see in 2008 and tell them they must walk 1 or 2 miles every day and pick up litter in the "environment".

That would cure the vast majority of them health-wise.

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