Monday, January 28, 2008

Atlanta's NHL All-Star game..........

Wow, what a night. From the Atlanta Boy's Choir belting out our National Anthem to a Canadian songster crooning ""Oh Canada" it started off fast. What a display of power, speed, stick-handling, goal-tending, shooting, skating and teamwork. Truly the way hockey might be played someday. I never saw a solid "check" and for the sixth All-Star game running, not a penalty was called.

My professional hockey exposure started back in the late 70's, a fraternity brother, Jeff Bruch got me up close and personal to the Minnesota North Stars. They skated faster and hit harder than I had ever imagined. Today's giants on ice are uncanny with the accuracy and shooting ability.

It was a great night for the city, the players and fans. What a spectacle of athleticism it was.

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