Saturday, December 15, 2007

Milton High School

Living in Milton Georgia is a hoot. It beats my old home towns of Mandaree and Pine Ridge and Pickstown in some ways.....even my favorite old home town of LaJolla in other ways. It's home and a decent place to raise my sons. A few short years ago, the local powers-that-be built a new high school. A magnificent facility. Wow.

I was in the auditorium the other night listening to one of the finest unheard-of gems in Milton, the Milton High School Wind Ensemble. Wow. If the school can produce such sound at school, imagine what they could do for the community. I wish there were more community in Milton, in my church and in my neighborhood. Maybe community as I knew it in a town of 95 in the cold raging winds and blizzards of western North Dakota is long gone. Maybe not. I thought they should spend a few more dollars making the auditorium more accessible to the community. More accessible to the disabled. More accessible for the community to access. If they spend $50,000,000 building a school perhaps they should let the taxpayers see some additional benefit from the school. And if you are going to spend that much why not throw in an indoor/outdoor swimming pool for the high school swim team AND the community. Why not let the people who pay the taxes get some benefit from an auditorium in other ways? A tip of the hat to the band, band leaders and a supportive administration who made such a lovely evening of music happen. It should be required listening for all citizens of the "new" Milton!

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