Monday, August 20, 2007

Michael Vick..........

Some of the more asinine crap to come out of this Vick lunacy is the public babble about the race card, gambling on dog fighting and killing dogs. It is what it is. A young man who happens to be a young father, with few morals, making big money, who has no father and fewer brains.

Did I miss anything?

That said, the lack of serious discussion amongst Americans about our next leader is scary.

I guess I should say it. If you don't pay taxes and support America, why should you be allowed to vote?

We have Putin and the Big Red Machine in China playing war games and all America is worked up about is Vick killing dogs. We have some liberal nuts in the Democratic Party telling us what they are going to do for America. And we have George W. Bush telling us how he is going to cut federal spending. Yeah right.

Tonight when you hit the pillow, say your prayers. Not for Michael Vick, not for the dogs he killed.

For America.

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