Sunday, April 15, 2018

Million $$$ Question for Warmongers

It was the weekend that was.   The swamp weasels look to have gotten one up on Trump.  McCain is a happy camper.  Hundreds of millions of taxpayer assets destroyed.  Why?   Because 40 people were found dead?     They kill and maim that many in Chicago on a weekend!

It makes no difference.   It's the same song and dance just a different decade.  We lost.  Warmongers on top!  MIC and K Street making bank.

Taxpayers lose.

America loses.   Again.

Think about this boys and girls in Mandaree and Pine Ridge.

What about it, you chemical weapons experts?
Do chemical weapons only release their elements when they explode from intended use but not when they explode from being militarily attacked?
There is no evidence in Syria of chemical residue from the chemical weapons facilities allegedly destroyed by US missiles.
No dead victims.
No reports of hospitals treating Syrian casualties of the American chemical attack.
How can this be if such sites were actually hit?
When I was a Wall Street Journal editor newspapers had competent journalists to whom such a question would occur. But no more. Stephen Lendman takes the New York Times to task for its unprofessionalism. The NY Times is no longer a news source. It is a propaganda megaphone.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Indian time, government time..............

Everything the government does takes forever. Licenses: Months Zoning Requests: Years Citizenship: Years Brexit: Years Balanced Budget: Infinity Enforcing Borders: Decades, if ever Everything takes forever. Except war. The one thing you don't want. War you get right away!

The beat goes on.........just a different decade

Thursday, April 12, 2018

DELETING FACEBOOK, rather only deactivating facebook............

Make sure you scramble all of your personal information before you delete your account. This includes email address, phone number, your name, birthday ... any piece of editable personal information should be changed to a random series of letters and/or numbers. 

Once everything is scrambled, delete.


Don't you wish younger generations of taxpayers and those coming up would pay more attention to those politicians in office who are leaving them in such a fiscal mess?

The United States Congress is unable to stop spending money it doesn't have.   Re-election is the only thing that matters and lobbyists control the purse strings for campaign contributions.

It will continue until it doesn't.    The slime and scum on K Street and in Congress go on their merry way. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Stormy world out there.............

Never ever forget this.  If Donald Trump had driven off the road and drowned Stormy Daniels and then driven off and not called the police for hours Democrats would have him elevated to ICON status..............

It's a twisted world ..............

All around the world the financial markets are exposing the folly of negative interest rates.

In other words for those of you in Mandaree and Pine Ridge, investors buy bonds they are charged to own!

And the "leaders"  (CROOK BANKERS) have the gall to call them "favorable financial conditions". 

Twisted for sure.   And probably coming to a bank or brokerage near you one of these days.

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