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CHIPPEWA PARTNERS, Native American Advisors, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor, founded by Dean Thomas Parisian in 1995. The firm is a manager to an exclusive clientele and is closed to new clients. As a Registered Investment Advisor, our expertise developed over 35 years balances experience, integrity and tremendous work ethic. Dean Parisian is a member at the White Earth Reservation of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, a former NYSE and FINRA arbitrator and trader who began his career with Kidder Peabody and later worked for Drexel Burnham Lambert in LaJolla, CA. His philanthropic interest is in Native American education and he's endowed a significant scholarship for Native Americans at the University of Minnesota. His greatest accomplishment includes raising two sons and 25 years of marriage. The Parisian family enjoys outdoor pursuits at Pamelot, their farm in Tennessee and at the Ghost Ranch, their ranch on the Yellowstone River in Montana. For media requests contact the firm via email: ChippewaPartners (at) gmail dot com, on Twitter: @DeanParisian. Global 404-202-8173

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Entitlement Crowd!!!

Lochte, Gold Medalist, and fellow Olympians having everything going their way, endorsements, speaking engagements, idolized by children and the masses, find the need to vandalize convenience store restroom, urinate on walls, and then fabricate a bullshit story to cover their asses.  Just how stupid do you have to be.  

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Arianna Huffington

She built one of the best liberal propaganda "news" outlets and is moving on.  LMFAO!

In all the years since Armstrong wasted shareholder money on that rag, I never once read an honest article.

From Simon Black,

Long ago in the Land of the Free, if you wanted to start a saloon, you rented a space and started serving booze.
You didn’t have to go through years of petitioning a bunch of bureaucrats for permits and licenses.
If you weren’t qualified or good enough at your job, your reputation would suffer and you’d go out of business.
This is the way it used to be for just about every industry and profession.
It wasn’t until 1889 that the US Supreme Court ruled in Dent v. West Virginia that states had the right to impose “reasonable” certifications or licenses for various professions.
At first, most states only licensed physicians, dentists, and lawyers.
In fact, by 1920, only about 30 occupations in the US required any sort of licensing.
By the 1950s, about 5% of US workers required a license to perform his/her job.
Today that number has risen to 30%, and climbing.
Some of our modern examples are completely insane.
According to the Brookings Institute, the state of Nevada requires 733 days of training and a $1,500 fee for a license… just to become a tour guide.
Over in Michigan, it takes 1,460 days of education to become an athletic trainer.
45 other states have license or certification requirements for athletic trainers. All fifty states have licenses for barbers and cosmetologists.
36 states require licenses for make-up artists. 34 states license milk samplers. And a mere 33 states license auctioneers.
These license requirements continue to grow, along with the overall level of rules and regulations in the Land of the Free.
Just this morning the US government published an extra 227 pages of rules, regulations, and proposals.
This happens every single business day in America.
Last week the government published over 2,000 pages of new rules, many of which border on absurdity.
To give you an idea, USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service proposed a rule about minimum and maximum diameters of potatoes that are sold in the State of Colorado.
Yes I’m serious.
This is the sort of madness that government bureaucrats churn out on a daily basis: more rules, more licenses.
Needless to say, the more of these rules they create, the more difficult it becomes for people and businesses to produce.
So it wasn’t exactly a big surprise when the US Labor Department released statistics a few days ago showing that, for the third straight quarter in a row, productivity in the Land of the Free declined.
In other words, US workers are producing less than they did before.
We haven’t seen this trend since 1979. And it’s the exact opposite of what’s supposed to happen.
As workers get more experienced and technologically advanced, productivity should grow.
But it’s not. US production is buried under countless pages of regulations and licensing requirements. And the trend has been negative for quite some time.
From 2000 through 2007, US productivity was about 2.6%.
Between 2007 and 2015, it shrank by half to about 1.3%, barely keeping up with population growth.
Now productivity is actually shrinking. America is going backward.
But there’s another side to this story.
Because while US economic growth has practically halted and productivity is shrinking, DEBT CONSUMPTION is up. Way up.
Americans are once again indebting themselves, often to buy useless things they don’t really need.
Auto loans and credit card debt are just two categories registering significant upticks.
(Not to be left out, the US government is leading with way with an absolute explosion in federal debt…)
So what we’re basically seeing now in the Land of the Free is people going into debt to consume more, while simultaneously producing less.
This is a pretty dangerous trend.
Human beings realized 10,000 years ago that if they wanted to survive, they had to produce more than they consumed.
During the Agricultural Revolution our early ancestors learned that, instead of constantly hunting for game, they could plant seeds in the ground and produce more food than they could possibly eat.
You and I wouldn’t be here if they hadn’t figured out this simple principle.
I call it the Universal Law of Prosperity, and it applies to governments, businesses, and individuals alike.
Any nation that fails to produce more than it consumes is in for serious trouble. And the government’s own data is showing that this is happening.
They create countless rules, regulations, and licensing requirements to make it more difficult to produce… and we can already see the results with (lack of) GDP growth.
Meanwhile they’ve slashed interest rates down to zero to incentivize people to consume.
It’s not hard to see where this trend is going.

So easy a 3rd grader could understand it....................

In the first episode of HBO's Hard KnocksRams coach Jeff Fisher stood before his team prior to training camp and explained the rules: Be on time and no visitors in the dorm rooms.
Smash cut to wide receiver Deon Long sitting in Fisher's office trying to explain why he had a woman in his room after curfew.
The explanation didn't fly.
"We're going to cut you," Fisher told Long, before adding: "What part of the rules, what part of 'no female guests in the room,' did you not understand?" The coach added: "Sorry, but this is our world, man. We have rules and we have to abide by them. Not the first time I've done this for this particular violation, but I thought I made myself really clear."

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Jawga on a rainy day...............

On a rainy day in Georgia I wonder how many heads will roll down at the world headquarters of Don't  Ever Leave The Airport, DELTA?    What a crock of misinformation that bunch touts!   Almost as bad as every aspect of economic data from our own government offices.   Believe at your own financial peril.

Recently on a trip across America via our nations Interstate systems I was amazed at how many professional truckers are texting and driving.    It is only getting worse.

Why won't Trump give up on the "thumbs up"?  

The quagmire of debt that will be inherited from Obama for the next President is unfathomable.

Our lame worthless Congress and Senators sit idly by as more American boots hit the ground in the Middle East.   It must be time for campaign contributions to roll in for re-election.  Put the MIC to work and look what coffers get filled up.   Wars are about money boys and girls, don't ever forget it.

I said months ago that spraying for ZIKA infected mosquitoes in Florida will do zero good.   It appears to have done a few things, namely shutting down all of the outdoor eateries in the spray zone!

Thank our United States Air Force for keeping our nuclear capability at the ready, 24/7/365.   Can't imagine a more motivated bunch deterring harm to this great nation.   #forevergrateful

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

It is obvious from this desk that being rabidly biased is a prerequisite for being on SCOTUS.

Remember this is the woman who slept during the State of the Union address.

It's disgusting to see the highest, most sacred court in the United States not being impartial and being swayed by the personal opinions of the judges who sit on it.

Criminal Democrats at work.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Dallas Texas

I am moving to Dallas Texas before the end of the year.

Proud to be a LIFE member of the National Rifle Association as are my two sons.

Best. Writer. Planet Earth. Marion D S Dreyfus

The croupier dealt the cards out on the table. The players all see the hands. And now the  participants can continue the game, fold, call it quits, or move to another table, where the dealer is, to be sure, often loud and perhaps rambunctiously unexpected. But at least Donald trump, presumptive Republican candidate for the 2016 Presidential election, hasn't gone on record as a conniving and unprincipled career liar, deliberate colluder in cover-ups, and still-emerging worse.

After long thought, I now think FBI Director James Comey did his best: He crucified Hillary on a cross of lies, mishandling, deceitfulness, recklessness and  self-aggrandizing  supposed inviolability. In so doing, without the coup de grace of a proper formal indictment, Comey stopped short of indicting Hillary Rodham, and did not then cause a huge tumult in the already turbulent  electoral process by vitiating the ongoing campaign. He did not deprive the Left team of their star pitcher, HRC. He did not leave the campaign without a viable candidate, to be filled in by who-knows-what replacement pitcher.

Unappetizing as it seems to many, Comey can live to investigate  another day, and Hillary has been found untrustworthy in  damning testimony widely disseminated. Once and endlessly on YouTube and forever on the dinosaur media.

To be sure, the GOP will make hay with this fodder for the remaining months of the presidential circus of a campaign. Many Democrats, too, are disgusted, whether she was formally indicted or not. Independents did not love the decision, either, but took it into their considerations of whom they might vote for in the November sweeps.

The FBI proceedings over two long years wounded this afflictional candidate with a series of mortal blows.

Everything she now says in public, in commercials and that her assigns say on her behalf, will be viewed with ironic scare quotes and incipient hoots of disbelief--what she says about Donald Trump is not a patch on what has now been declared and bruited widely as her personal Waterloo of disingenuous guilt in all the issues those on the Right have long been trumpeting.

The croupier dealt the cards on the table. The players all see the face-up gamble. And now the  participants can continue the game, fold, call it quits, or move to another table, where the dealer is loud and  perhaps consistently unexpected. But at least he hasn't gone on record as a conniving and unprincipled career liar, colluder in cover-ups, and worse.
Remember: The Clinton Foundation, source of major regulatory no-no's and more than questionable practices since its inception in 1997, remains still to be publicized and  brought to the court of public opinion and  'transparency." In the Foundation net, both Bill Clinton,former Prtesident from 1992-2000, is dangling from the mesh, and even Chelsea can be seen grasping at the crab- and ground-sucking-flecked fishnet

For one thing, not unreasonably, there is serious talk of removing Hillary Rodham’s security clearance, which would be a remarkable development in the career of a woman seeking the highest office in the land.

Wherever you stand on Hillary Rodham, FBI Director Comey negotiated carefully  through the Scylla and Charybdis of the law and allocation of 'justice,' but lives to indict and  expose another day.